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Cette année se seront 2 Mini Championnat Live qui animeront cette saison :

- 1er Championnat du 29 Septembre au 26 Janvier 2019

- 2nd Championnat du 9 Février au 15 Juin 2019

Chaque joueur accumulera des points pour la Table Finale comme l'année précédente

1 samedi 29 septembre 2018 Badaroux
2 samedi 6 octobre 2018 Badaroux
3 samedi 20 octobre 2018 Badaroux
4 samedi 24 novembre 2018 Badaroux
5 samedi 08 decembre 2018 Badaroux
6 samedi 12 janvier 2019 Badaroux
TF samedi 26 janvier 2019 Badaroux

Manche Spéciale: 

48 adhérents: samedi 11 novembre 2018 Badaroux

Manche par équipe de 2: samedi 15 décembre 2018 Badaroux

1 samedi 09 février 2019 Badaroux
2 samedi 16 février 2019 Badaroux
3 samedi 16 mars 2019 Badaroux
4 samedi 13 avril 2019 Badaroux
5 samedi 04 mai 2019 Badaroux
6 samedi 01 juin 2019 Badaroux
TF samedi 15 juin 2019 Badaroux

Manche Spéciale: 

48 adhérents: samedi 30 mars 2019 Badaroux

Important : Il faut être à jour de sa cotisation Club (50 €) pour pouvoir participer aux manches

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La fiche Adhésion est disponible sur le forum ici  


Actualités internationales quotidiennes sur le poker live et le poker online
  • Phil Galfond has officially launched the beta on a poker site the community has been drooling over for years. He joins Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt to talk about the biggest threats facing poker, why he wanted to start a poker site, his biggest hurdles and his legacy. For more on Run it Once: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2019/02/phil-galfond-talks-run-it-once-launch-33349.htm TIMESTAMPS: 3:20 Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples Part Ways With PokerStars 7:30 PSPC Winner Ramon Colillas is the Newest Face of Team PokerStars 14:40 Sponsor: Natural8 Natural8 continues to grow as one of the major poker room in Asia and Europe. With a variety of tournaments unique in its own way, catered to both recreational and professional players alike, get ready to spice up your poker life. Over $300,000 in guaranteed prize money to be won each day, plus all buy-ins and guarantees are doubled on Sundays, that's $12million in monthly guarantees! Stunning tournaments and extraordinary guarantees only at Natural8. https://www.natural8.com/welcome/the-best-mtts?ref=sa1DZReiqos99a5mMDBQuoXh 15:30 GIVEAWAY a seat to the upcoming CSOP event in Las Vegas 21:00 Phil Galfond joins the show! 23:30 The public beta launch of Run It Once: "The response has been about as good as I could hope for so I'm very pleased with how it's been going." 25:20 Plans on when to move Run It Once past the public beta stage 27:20 Galfond goes over the features that differentiate Run It Once from other sites: splash the pot, random aliases, dynamic avatars, and more! 40:00 Motivation behind creating Run It Once: "The idea for the poker site was born out of fear really, for where the online poker world and industry is heading. And obviously, it's very exciting running a poker site. It wasn't just a purely noble pursuit." 43:00 The top threats to the online poker community: "The biggest threat is botting, just in the past few years bots have become that much better and able to beat humans." 46:20 Challenges he faced in creating the site: "The biggest struggle was definitely development." 49:40 Being the face behind Run It Once: "I'm not too stressed about it...I'm very involved, and the people that are there, keeping an eye on things, I trust very much, I trust completely. It doesn't really scare me, I'm happy to put my face on it." 53:40 Does he look at this as helping to create his legacy? "I definitely think it will be my biggest achievement in poker." 54:30 Looking ahead: "What I've noticed is the players who are playing are really enjoying it...I think players are going to keep coming back and keep playing. So what we need to focus on, what we are focusing on, is just growing and getting the word out to more people."  Partager: Facebook Twitter Google+ Linkedin   

  • Meet the Thirst Lounge Hosts. Hand picked by Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples to star in various styles of coverage, meet the Thirst Lounge Team. They will be heading to the Virgin Islands to play poker on the Thirst Lounge page. https://www.twitch.tv/thirstlounge Time Stamps: 0:15 - 2:10: @Ebony_Kenney -- Ebony Kenney - Model & Poker Pro 2:13 - 5:33: @catrific -- Cat Valdez 29 - YouTube Personality 5:36 - 6:55: @Jon_Pardy -- Jon Pardy - Big Brother Canada Winner 7:00 - 8:52: @Fattrain -- Justin Kelly - Commentator and Host 8:55 - 10:30: @AdamScottKlein -- Adam Scott Klein - Winner of Survivor 10:32 - 13:52: @BetOnDrew - John Gonzalez - Streamer 13:54 - 15:37: @Voislavbxl -- Voislav Ivanovski 27 Wandering Spirit 15:38 - 19:50: @Priestley_ --Priestley Leng - Vlogger 19:50 - 22:00: @The_Illest -- Kelly Minkin - Poker Pro 22:00 - 23:50: @ThirstLoungeMat - Living in his car traveling the country  Partager: Facebook Twitter Google+ Linkedin   

  • Watch to hear the weekly recap of the latest news in the poker world. Last week, poker players Jamie Staples and Jeff Gross both severed ties with PokerStars and will no longer be PokerStars ambassadors. What is next for them? Will they join Bill Perkins on his new Twitch stream channel Thirst Lounge? Will they continue to Twitch? Are they retiring from poker? Watch to find out! Next up, poker player Phil Galfond launched a public beta version of his new poker site Run It Once. Originally a poker training site, Galfond recently launched a new platform, much to the excitement of the poker community. Last news item of the week concerns Phil Ivey's ongoing battle with Borgata and the never-ending Baccarat edge-sorting scandal. Click here to read more about how the edge-sorting scandal unfolded: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2015/03/judge-rules-borgata-lawsuit-against-phil-ivey-proceed-21088.htm  Partager: Facebook Twitter Google+ Linkedin